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Important: Please read all the information below and the "How to Complete Your Adult Registration" Help Guide prior to starting the registration process.

If this is your first time registering in U.S. Soccer Connect, after clicking the, "Register Now" button, click on, "Create an Account" to begin your Adult Registration.

Once you have completed your Adult Registration, please use the "MEMBER LOGIN" button at the top of the registration page to access your Adult Registration Account.

Adult Registration Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Safety Above All

For the Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Soccer Registration Year, adults will register with each Town/Club that they participate with in the U.S. Soccer Connect system via a dedicated registration website provided to each organization from Stack Sports. Only a Member of a Leagues Board of Directors will register with their respective League as well as the Town/Club that they may be associated with.

By completing an Adult Registration, you are agreeing to and providing Mass Youth Soccer Association with the information needed to run the required background checks and searches noted below.

All Risk Management requirements below must be completed, and adult members must be marked as approved in all areas prior to your Mass Youth Soccer Adult Credential being printed. No one will be permitted to participate in any Mass Youth Soccer sanctioned activities without having the required Adult Credential.

Please allow more time for completing these four Risk Management requirements for Adult Registration Approval:

  1. Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Check
  2. National Background Check (NBG) which includes
    1. National and State Sex Offender Registry Searches
  3. Abuse Prevention Education and Training (SafeSport)
    1. Initial SafeSport Course (approximately 1.5 hours to complete), then within the next calendar year;
    2. Annual Refresher Course (approximately 30 minutes to complete) for as long as the adult participates.
    3. Once training is completed using the U.S. Soccer Connect link, you will be auto approved (certificate upload not needed but should be saved where it is easily accessible by you).
  4. Concussion Training (CDC online course only)
    1. Concussion Certificates need to be uploaded into the new registration system.

NOTE: Abuse Prevention and the Center for Disease Control Concussion training links will be provided to you via email once your Registrar has checked you as a confirmed participant. The links are also available to you in your Adult Registration account; use the Member Login button at the top of the registration landing page to access your account after registering.

Additionally, these Safety Policies must be reviewed by ALL adult participants:

  1. Mass Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy - Known as Mass Safe Soccer includes Abuse Prevention mandatory reporting information.
  2. Weather Policy
  3. Goal Safety Policy
  4. US Soccer Recognize to Recover

The policies above are found at under the MA SAFE SOCCER tab.

All help guides below are found on the right-hand side of the Adult Registration webpage that is located on the Mass Youth Soccer Website under the Administration tab ( ).

How to complete an Adult Registration
Directory - All Member Organization URLs
SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training Help Guide - Adult Participant
Concussion Training Help Guide - Adult Participant

Thank you all for your continuing support and efforts to help keep the children safe!